Creativity & Innovation

GR K-2

In a study of their local community, students create a Google Earth tour of their homes, using images they created in a paint program.

Following a Response to Literature writing unit, students scan or draw pictures related to a favorite book and create book trailers.

Students are studying Monarch butterflies. They have observed the butterflies from the cocoon stage until they emerge as beautiful, colorful butterflies. Students will draw a Monarch butterfly and also report on the stages of its development. They will also raise funds to preserve Monarch butterflies in the world.

GR 3-5

Students collaborate on writing and publishing a children's picture storybook to share with students, parents, and community.

Students create a public service announcement that calls for community members to put forth names of local heroes and heroines who ought to be recognized in their community.  Student groups select, interview, and make a movie about one of the heroes or heroines.

Students help the school community create an awareness of the benefits of becoming a “green” school and develop an action plan to address areas of concern.

GR 6-8

Vermonters will be faced with a difficult choice in the next few years.  If the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant is not relicensed, Vermonters will need to find a replacement to produce its amount of electricity.  This could be done through alternative energy sources and/or through the reduction of energy consumption.  Following a unit on electricity, middle school students (Grades 6-8) investigate alternative energy solutions, energy conservation, and efficiency strategies for their communities, in order to develop a sustainable solution. 

Students provide a needed community service as they take procedural writing skills to a new level. They create a permanent learning tool that can be shared with community members who are having difficulty understanding challenging concepts or mastering difficult skill sets.

Students study immigration from both historical and present day perspectives. They create digital diaries that document the push/pull factors that cause people to leave their native country and the struggles of people who resettle in America. Interviews with current day immigrants and study of the current political issues provide information for students to consider how the struggles of early immigrants compare and contrast with modern immigrants' issues. Culminating projects include proposals to politicians via live interviews, informative podcasts, and opinion pieces shared with local media.