ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that makes creating virtual 3D popup books a snap! All you need to get started is to a free account and an idea.

Creating a collaborative book is a great way to use ZooBurst in the classroom for the first time. It can be used in any subject area or genre. Each student writes and animates one page. In the free version, there is a maximum of 10 pages. Students can work in pairs, or a second book can be linked. It is a good idea to preview the clipart gallery to make sure the images are available. If not, images can be uploaded to use in the book. Students can also draw or create images in TuxPaint, Paint.net, Aviary, etc. With a little editing,  these images can be used in the book.

As with any digital storytelling project, two ingredients will ensure success. The first is for you, the teacher, to create your own exemplar of the project to show students. This helps you identify the steps needed to accomplish the task and to create a rubric before the project begins. Secondly, once students understand the requirements of the project, they should create a storyboard that includes images to be used and the text that they will write. Only after their storyboard has been approved and images acquired, will the student begin the creation process. 

Please let me know if you are interested in creating a project this year. If we have enough teachers try it out this year, we may be able to get a premium account  for next year. It allows individual student access, unlimited pages, audio recording and more.

Depending upon your learning goals and how the project is structured, using ZooBurst can satisfy most of the Vermont TGEs.