FASST MATH Teacher Resources

FASTT MATH Tutorials

Aside from the Teacher's Guide, online tutorials are available in two forms:

The Quick Hit Tutorials focus on a specific tasks 
in the program while the 20 Minute Deep Dive 
is a quick overview of the entire system. Both have
a topic listing 
to skip directly to the topic you want
to view. 


The Deep Dive provides a big picture look at how the
program works. It is best to use this tutorial first. If you
prefer not to view in its entirety, the following topics will
give you important the most important information:

(You will need to allow time for the entire Deep Dive presentation to load in order to skip ahead).

NOTE: Much of the content of this site was derived from the above tutorial.

Scholastic Achievement Manager (SAM)

SAM is the management system for FASTT Math.

In SAM, teachers can:

  • View performance alerts (students with low usage or struggling students & level completion)
  • Generate reports (student or class)
  • Print individualized worksheets for one student or the whole class at once
  • Print award certificates for completing a level
  • Adjust program settings for classes or individual students
  • Create groups of students within a class
  • Graduate students from the program and and add new students
Click SAM now to view a quick demo:


To date, login accounts have been established for teachers and students in Grades 2-6. Classes have been set up and students are enrolled in the FASTT MATH program. To complete the enrollment process, students will need to be assigned to specific operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). Once this is accomplished, students will learn how to access the program and prepare to take the placement assessment.

Students need to access and complete a lesson 4-5 times per week. This can be accomplished throughout the school day and during the afterschool program