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Intervention Model

The FASTT MATH Intervention Model


Placement Assessment

Students take a placement test to assess both typing speed and fluency for facts
in the assigned operation. Fluency is calculated by determining the discrepancy
between typing speed and response time for the fact presented.

How Fluency is Determined
A student is considered fluent is the Response Latency is less than .80 seconds.

Adaptive Instruction:

Focuses on non-fluent facts in manageable chunks using multiple presentations with aural, linguistic, and animation supports. 

Three types of lessons:
  • Study New Facts
    • Learn & build memory for 2-3 non-fluent facts
  • Practice Facts:
    • Presented periodically to focus on recently learned facts.
  • Review Facts
    • If retention starts to fall for learned facts, the program will provide this lesson for practice of difficult facts.
Expanded Recall:
FASTT Math uses the Expanded Recall Technique to provide adaptive and intensive practice for the new study facts with the aim of moving the facts from working memory to long term memory.

Independent Practice:

Once students demonstrate mastery of study facts, independent practice is given to increase speed in recently learned and fluent facts.

Students must complete the study lesson and a practice game to save their work the session.

Continuous assessment assures students are always receiving the appropriate instruction. As students build mastery with new facts, the software provides frequent Mastery Challenges to determine if these new facts are now fluent. Students also receive a challenge each time they complete a level to determine if they have learned new facts outside the software.

Rewarding Achievement

As students gain fluency, teachers receive an alert. An individualized award certificate can be printed for the student:

Classroom Management

An easy way to check if students have accessed FASTT MATH on any given day is to download the 
FASTT MATH CLASS CHART.  You may add your students to the table and save for weekly printing. Please send to the copier as it will print on 11x17 paper.

To view the file, click the image --->

To download, click the FASTT MATH CLASS CHART link listed in ATTACHMENTS at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: You may also View and then SAVE to Google Docs. Please "save a copy" before adding student names.

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