Fact Tracker

Student lessons begin and end with the Fact Grid. The Key in the upper right corner 
 of the Fact Tracker (shown below) explains the types of facts for the specific operation.

Fast Facts: Student can recall quickly and accurately in .80 secs or less.

Study Facts: Non-fluent facts

Focus Facts: Facts for which students have received instruction and able to recall in less
 than 1.25 secs but are still not fast enough to be considered fluent.

Facts are present in levels: 0-1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-9. Teachers can also assign the 10-12 fact families. 
The Fact Tracker above shows the student is just two facts shy of being fluent in levels 0-3. The next study facts would be 7x3 and 9 x 3.

Independent Practice

Students play engaging games during Independent Practice. FASTT MATH games only present facts that students know and have practiced. The purpose of the games is to motivate students to answer each fact as quickly as they can to increase fact fluency.

Students can choose any of the games. There are two formats and each game varies in theme. Each game has 70 problems and rewards points for the game. The software measures and tracks every response and adjusts the speed and difficulty according to the student's performance. Students have the opportunity to beat their own high scores each time they complete the Independent Practice.


Students can play as as many games as they like, 
however, it is recommended to allow just 1-2 games 
to avoid fatigue.

Style Gallery

As students move their focus facts to fast facts, they are able to personalize their Fact Tracker using the Style Gallery. More designs become available as they master different levels.