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Teacher created site organized into specific topics

Organized by topic 

Hint: Click the Readability link on the browser toolbar for a student friendly reading format.

Lots of ads but the subject is nicely organized. Instruct students to "skip" ads when possible.
Use the "Readbility" link on the toolbar to eliminate distracting graphics.

Students can use the Snipping Tool in the taskbar to capture the entire image and paste into a word doc.



Download free templates. Modify to suit your needs.

                                                                                                      Cartouche Creator  


Fonts: we have heiroglyphic fonts available


Create a story about Egyptian life using this

(Save the template with your name to your Network Folder before you begin writing!)

Additional Clip Art

Try using Paint.Net program in the digital imaging folder to color the images on the computer. Use any of these images as a background in PowerPoint. Here is an example image colored on the computer:

Interactive Learning

Students must recover Egyptian artifacts from inside a pyramid. A fun way to learn about Egyptian art & culture. Sponsored by the Liverpool Museum.

From the National Museums of Scotland:
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