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Flash Update

Is it the Firewall?
Before you go further, are you sure it is not a firewall issue? If it is the firewall, you would get a message from SonicWall. If it is Sonic Wall, John can unblock remotely. He would need this link:

If there is no message, then......

Step 1
  1. Check to see if Glogster is working:                                        ------> All links open in a new tab
  2. Check your Flash version:   
Step 2
  1. Verify that the Flash Player is enabled:
    • Type the following in the address bar:           chrome://plugins   (there is a colon after chrome)
  •  Check that the first Adobe Flash is enabled (if not, enable it) by clicking Enable (see the Plug-ins screenshot below)
  •  If the first plugin was already enabled, then disable the second Flash plugin (it will now say Enable). (see Plug-ins screenshot below)
  • Close the Chrome browser and then open it again.
  • If this does not work, go to Step 3
Step 3
  • Please uncheck any add-on programs....see the "Flash for Other Browsers" screenshot below . 
  • Even if installing Flash doesn't work for Chrome, you can use Firefox instead

Once you establish what works, the process will be faster for the other laptops.


Chrome Plugin Page

Flash for other browsers:  Click      Details are below.
Once it downloads, click the file to open (at bottom of the browser window or the downloads folder).
You will need to type Administrator and the password when prompted. (sometimes 2x)

Inline image 1